St. Louis Osuwa Taiko Drummers

brought to the Lake by the Lake Arts Council

Lake Arts Council

Welcome to Arts at the Lake!

We are dedicated to nurturing the arts at the Lake of the Ozarks. Whether it’s bringing the Missouri Symphony to the Lake or sponsoring Student Art Quest, we try to fill the cultural needs of the Lake community.

Missouri Symphony

brought to the Lake by the Lake Arts Council

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We are the Lake Arts Council

Nurturing the arts at the Lake of the Ozarks


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We are the Lake Arts Council

Nurturing the arts at the Lake of the Ozarks


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Recycled Art Sale

Lake Arts Council invites people to donate art they were no longer displaying and get a tax write off.  Proceeds from the sale of that art go to our continued operation.

Missouri Pops Symphony

Lake Arts Council have made it a point to annually bring symphonic music to the Lake of the Ozarks.

Missoula Children’s Theatre

The Missoula Children’s Theatre has been brought to the Lake annually since 2007. This program involves around 60 children each year, ranging from K-12 in a one week thespian experience. We are proud to say we have never charged a child to participate.

Lake Arts Variety Showcase

This is an annual event that brings together a variety of performers that span an assortment of talents and a wide range of ages.

Student Art Quest

Lake Arts Council sponsors a competition for K-12 artists that covers our three county service area and involves over 400 entrants.

Student Photo Quest

Lake Arts Council sponsors a competition for K-12 photographers that covers our three county service area.

Palm Sunday Art Show

This art show attracts entrants from beyond our catchment area and has been in existence for many years.

Veteran’s Day Art Show

In 2016, this art show raised $1,500 to support the Honor Flight program.

Arts for the Seasons

This is the inaugural year for this art show that will be held at Porto Cima in October.

Junior Duck Stamp

Lake Arts Council works with the Department of Conservation to facilitate the State wide competition.  Students are competing to have their painting of a duck used to print a US postage stamp.

Amateur Photoquest Competition and Exhibit

Lake Arts Council assist the Lake Area Camera Club by performing the necessary administrative functions.

Art in the Park

Lake Arts Council participate in two local communities in this activity sponsored by local child advocacy groups.

Vienna Boys' Choir

The Vienna Boys’ Choir is a choir of boy sopranos and altos based in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the best-known boys’ choirs in the world.

Grease Sing-along

Financial assistance has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.

The Lake Arts Council, in an effort to ensure our ability to continue to nurture the arts at the Lake, has developed a Strategic Plan.  Its initial goal involves increasing the involvement of the community into our programs.

STRATEGIC PLAN GOAL : “To increase new sponsorships, both Individual and business, 20% by September 1, 2018” 

We believe the goal to be reasonable and attainable.  Please help us to reach it by providing your support.
To see how, go to “Get Involved”.

We are the Lake Arts Council

Nurturing the arts at the Lake of the Ozarks



Greater Lake Area Chorale
Lake Area Community Orchestra
Lake Jazz Band
Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society
Ozark Jazz Society
Lake Area Strings

Visual Arts

Camdenton Art League
Lake Area Fiber Artists
Lake Area Woodcarvers Guild
Lake Area Woodworkers Guild
Ozark Brush and Palette
Lake Area Camera Club

Theater & Dance

Lake of the Ozarks Swing Dance Club
Sunrise Beach Little Theater
Camden County Museum Players


Gloria Peterson


Gloria has served as a Board member of the Lake Arts Council for eleven years.  She has held the position of Vice President of Performing Arts prior to her stepping in as President.  She sings in the Greater Lake Area Chorale.
Leon Wahlbrink

Leon Wahlbrink

Executive Vice President

Leon has been a Lake Arts Council Board member since 2007.  He has previously served as Executive Vice President, and more recently, as Vice President of Finance.  He sings in the Greater Lake Area Chorale and plays in the Lake Community Orchestra.


Mary Andeline

Vice President of Visual Arts

Mary has the responsibility of organizing several art shows.  These range from the Palm Sunday Art Show, continuing a 28 year tradition to Student Art Quest, involving over 400 entries from students in our three county service area.  She is Vice President of the Ozark Brush and Palette.

Rose Adams

Board Member

Rose has held the position of Executive VP, and has been the director of the Lake Area Community Orchestra since 2007.
Amanda DeGraffenried

Amanda DeGraffenried

Board Member

Amanda has served as Vice President of Communications and continues to serve on the Communications Committee.  Her graphics are on display when you see publicity for our events.
J. D. Caven

J. D. Caven

Board Member

J.D. is in his first year on the Lake Arts Council Board.  He is a member of the Greater Lake Area Chorale.

Allyne Nieburg

Board Member

Allyne is in her first year on the Board of the Lake Arts Council.

Bonnie Black

Board Member

Bonnie is in her first year on the Board. She is a past president of the Lake Area Fiber Artists.

Rita Komers

Board Member

Rita is in her first year on the Board.  She is a member of the Ozark Brush and Palette.
Vicki Neal

Vicki Neal

Board Member

Newly appointed Board member, who is a member of Ozark Brush and Palette.
Ken Neal

Ken Neal

Board Member

Also a newly appointed Board member and spouse of Vicki Neal.

Kathy Chinn

Board Member

Kathy is new to the Board and a member of the Ozark Jazz Society

Angela Roquet

Board Member

Angela is a newly appointed board member and an international bestselling novelist eager to expand the council’s literary ventures.

Lake Arts Council

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